WILL Press Release | Evidence Mounting That Act 10 is Improving K-12 Education

WILL study adds to growing list of academic studies showing positive impact of collective bargaining reform


October 8, 2018 – Milwaukee, WI – Act 10, the landmark collective bargaining reforms passed in 2011, remains one of the most important and consequential pieces of state legislation in America. While the protests and the recall elections may have faded, the impact of the law, particularly on education in the Badger State, remains an intense interest. Since 2011, studies of Act 10 have revealed how teacher retirements actually benefitted students, how the new teacher marketplace is rewarding the state’s best teachers, and how class sizes didn’t grow.  This occurred all while taxpayers saved $5 billion.

Check out WILL’s new Act 10 cheat sheet that summarizes the major findings on the law.

Last week, WILL found that Act 10 had a positive impact on test scores and no impact on Wisconsin’s already high graduation rates. This adds an important piece to an already impressive body of evidence showing the law has been not only positive for Wisconsin’s taxpayers, but revolutionary in K-12 education.

This finding is already making waves. Will Flanders, WILL’s Research Director and author of Keeping Score: Act 10’s Impact on Student Achievement, was interviewed on radio stations that reach listeners all across Wisconsin. And influencers are highlighting WILL’s work.







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