Governor Tony Evers

REPORT: Outdated Reading Curricula Impedes Wisconsin Students

WILL’s research provides—for the first time—a statewide look at what curricula districts are using for reading, and whether this choice has improved or lowered reading proficiency levels. “The Science of Reading” is a “back to the basics” approach that is focused on learning phonics, increasing vocabulary, and sounding out words rather than the context-clue based “guessing” techniques that characterize the popular “Whole Language” approach.

WI Supreme Court Selects Race-Neutral Legislative Maps

Majority found Senate and Assembly maps drawn by Wisconsin Legislature are race neutral, comply with equal protection guarantees The News: The Wisconsin Supreme Court selected legislative maps submitted by the Wisconsin Legislature in a 4-3 decision. The Wisconsin Supreme Court was required to ...

WILL Joins Redistricting Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

Governor Evers’ maps are racially gerrymandered, violating federal Constitution The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) joined an appeal by the Wisconsin Legislature to the U.S. Supreme Court arguing the maps submitted by Governor Tony Evers and selected by a majority on ...