PSC opens investigation into Milwaukee streetcar

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At an open administrative meeting this morning in Madison, the three-member Public Service Commission voted unanimously to open an investigation into whether the city of Milwaukee or WE Energies and its ratepayers will be responsible for any costs of modifying or relocating utility facilities to accommodate the proposed Milwaukee streetcar line.

WILL, on behalf of WE Energies ratepayer and MacIver Institute President Brett Healy, filed a petition in October requesting that the PSC issue a declaratory ruling on the issue. Citing concerns that the city officials need a clear answer to the question of who would have to pay the estimated $45 million pricetag, in order to make an informed decision about how, where, and even if the streetcar should be built, the PSC granted our request. It will now move forward with its investigation, although it is unclear how long the entire process will take before a ruling is issued.

For media coverage, see here and here.


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