New York Post | Economist: Scott Walker’s Reforms Worked

A recent report by WILL should provide relief to Wisconsin parents and critics of Act 10, the study shows that the law had little to no effect on teacher salaries, teacher experience or diversity, or teacher-student ratios. After five-years since the implementation of Act 10, WILL’s study is the most comprehensive to date on the effects of Act 10. The report shows that trends in Wisconsin’s educational system is similar to surrounding states without Act 10. The New York Post highlighted an Economics21 article by Connor Dwinell:

“No one is neutral when it comes to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s dramatic labor-reform moves that were “a major shock to the public system’s infrastructure — including the school system — that was built on unionized labor,” notes Conner Dwinell. But as he writes on, a new study from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty shows that removing collective-bargaining rights didn’t result in any of the widely predicted economic damage. “Teachers have not deserted their profession,” he writes, “changes in teacher experience and race have been minuscule,” while salaries “relative to surrounding states were essentially unaffected.”

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