National Review | Rubio Scores a Direct Hit on Obamacare

WILL Senior Fellow Mario Loyola writing in National Review:

Since it fell into GOP hands, the House of Representatives has voted more than 50 times to repeal Obamacare, in whole or in part. The exercise was worthwhile, because political theater is sometimes worthwhile. But with the Senate in the way, and a presidential veto as certain as night follows day, there was never much hope that a “frontal assault” on the fortress walls would succeed.

As Senator Marco Rubio has shown, a careful study of how Obamacare works suggests a much better strategy: Besiege the program until it surrenders. Establish a cordon around Obamacare so that it can’t expand, cut it off from its main sources of support, and use sappers to undermine the defenses.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty represented U.S. Senator Ron Johnson as he sought to have the Affordable Care Act overturned in federal courts. Again, we welcome Mr. Loyola to WILL.

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