Leading areas of practice

Individual Liberties

WILL proudly fights for individual liberties guaranteed by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Constitutional Government and Rule of Law

WILL is committed to guarding our constitutional system by standing up for federalism, the separation of powers, and oversight of the administrative state.

Economic Freedom

WILL proudly fights for the right to earn a living free from government interference.

Education Reform

WILL proudly fights for an education system that is student-centered and prioritizes the freedom of families to choose the best education for their children.

Equal Protection

WILL proudly fights for equal protection under the law as guaranteed by our Constitution.

Legal Areas of Focus

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WILL Files WEC Complaint Over Illegal Racine Election Van

Racine’s use of mobile sites violates state law directives on absentee ballot collection The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) ...

Department of Corrections Ban on Clergy Visits Ruled Unconstitutional

WILL sued Department of Corrections on behalf of Milwaukee Archdiocese The News: Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge William Hue issued a summary ...

Florida Small-Business Owner Sues Biden Admin. Over Race and Gender Quotas in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Massive new spending law reserves $37 billion for small businesses owned by certain minorities and women, violating constitutional rights The News: ...

Wisconsin Supreme Court Holds Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes Unlawful

WILL challenged WEC guidance in lawsuit filed in June 2021 The News: The Wisconsin Supreme Court held that absentee ballot drop boxes, used widely in the ...

Restoring American Education

Communities across the nation are concerned that public schools are drifting  from their founding ideals. During the pandemic, parents were provided a ...


State law permits counties to impose a 0.5% sales tax, but requires that tax to be used only for “directly reducing the property tax levy.” Brown County imposed a sales tax, but is instead using the proceeds to fund new spending. We sued to have the tax struck down.


A federal lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional race discrimination in the American Rescue Plan’s provision to offer loan forgiveness based on racial categories. WILL represents five farmers from four states who would be eligible for the federal government’s loan forgiveness program, but for their race.


Curriculum transparency legislation would arm parents and taxpayers with the ability to access and review controversial curriculum material in public schools.