Kenosha News | New state Assembly committee looking at ways to take more control from federal government

The Kenosha News covered WILL testimony to, and the mission of, the new Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on Federalism:

“The committee is one of the few across the country tasked with shifting some of the power from Washington, D.C., back to the states, and its work will be scrutinized nationwide for clues on how to achieve that.

Kerkman said she is not only relying on the presenters from the Wisconsin Institute of Law & Liberty and the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute for the “action items” she is interested in. Those ideas come in all the time from businesses, school districts and many who are chaffing under the regulations and paperwork that come from federal money.

WILL’s president Rick Esenberg suggested the committee could seek changes in federal regulations in which states took less than 100 percent of a grant in “exchange for the freedom to spend it any way they want.””

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