WILL Press Release | Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Informing the Debate on Public Policy

For the current legislative session, WILL has released studies, penned articles from school choice to welfare reform.

April 28, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – Since last summer, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty has released multiple reports and our attorneys and researchers have written several opinion pieces in local and national media outlets, all aimed at informing and guiding the public policy debates happening in Madison during the current Legislative Session.

Next week the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance will begin the arduous task of preparing the single most important piece of legislation in any given session: the state budget. The state budget, as proposed by Governor Scott Walker, would spend over $75 billion. The Legislature will most likely adjust those spending priorities over the next couple of months.

The state budget impacts every Wisconsinite by providing policy guidance and funding for programs such as K-12 education, welfare, transportation, and the state’s justice system.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty has sought to impact the debate in Madison by proposing policy solutions for many of the challenges facing our state.

On School Choice:

On Occupational Licensure Reform:

On Welfare Reform:

On Milwaukee and Milwaukee Public Schools’ refusal to sell vacant schools:

On the Every Student Succeeds Act:

On Right to Try:

On Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform:

  • Too often, government impinges on the rights of the accused and exonerated in an effort to swell their own local budgets. This is a practice that should be reviewed and reform is long overdue.

All of Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty’s work is available at www.will-law.org or follow-us on Twitter and Facebook at @WILawLiberty for updates.


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