The Federalist | Curtis: Sen. Tammy Baldwin Refuses to Give Neil Gorsuch The Courtesy of a Fair Hearing

Wisconsin’s junior senator could not hold out for more than 48 hours before giving in to deep partisanship and vindictiveness on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

WILL’s Federal Litigator and Associate Counsel, Jake Curtis, writes in The Federalist:

So ‘Fair Consideration’ Means ‘You Stand No Chance’

Well, color me “deeply troubled” by Baldwin’s utter lack of willingness to give Gorsuch “fair consideration.” If it sounded like Baldwin’s press release was simply a list of talking points from the Left, that’s because she likely was simply using a list of talking points from the Left. See for yourself

It’s deeply troubling that Baldwin considers religious liberty to be a threat to the fabric of society. Her reference to “women’s reproductive health care” is likely related to the Tenth Circuit’s decision in Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. v. Sebelius, which, as her liberal talking points make clear, the Supreme Court later affirmed. The question before the court in Hobby Lobby was whether the Affordable Care Act could require a closely held family business to provide drugs and devices to employees that the family believed to be abortifacients, “the use of which is contrary to their faith.” The court held the ACA could not impose such a requirement.

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