May 24, 2022


Case Name: Nancy Bartlett v. Governor Tony Evers

Type of Case: Good Government; Partial Veto

Court: Wisconsin Supreme Court

Case Number: 19-AP-1376

Filed On: July 31, 2019

Current Status: Petition for Original Action Filed

Wisconsin’s Governor has the most powerful veto pen in the country.  Our Constitution allows the Governor to use a “partial veto” to strike portions of laws passed by the Legislature out of the books instead of vetoing an entire bill.

But that power is not unlimited.  The veto should be used to stop a part of a new law from going into effect, but it should not be able to create a new law not envisioned by the Legislature.  We believe Governor Evers abused this power in multiple ways when partially vetoing the 2019 state budget, including turning a grant program to replace school buses into funding electric vehicle charging stations and spending funds intended to fix local roads into a slush fund with virtually no restrictions on use.

On behalf of three taxpayers, we filed an original action in the Wisconsin Supreme Court, asking the court to review and rein in the partial veto power in order to safeguard liberty and defend the Constitution.

Watch our press conference announcing the case here.

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