Leading areas of practice

Individual Liberties

WILL proudly fights for individual liberties guaranteed by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Constitutional Government and Rule of Law

WILL is committed to guarding our constitutional system by standing up for federalism, the separation of powers, and oversight of the administrative state.

Economic Freedom

WILL proudly fights for the right to earn a living free from government interference.

Education Reform

WILL proudly fights for an education system that is student-centered and prioritizes the freedom of families to choose the best education for their children.

Equal Protection

WILL proudly fights for equal protection under the law as guaranteed by our Constitution.

Legal Areas of Focus

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WILL Demands Explanation for Illegal Grants to Planned Parenthood

Gov. Evers lacks authority to create grant programs, Planned Parenthood barred by state law from receiving federal funds through the state The News: ...

WILL Represents Concordia Professor Suspended for Criticizing Woke Direction of University

On Saturday, February 19, 2022, Concordia University Wisconsin suspended Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz, a full professor of philosophy and Lutheran pastor. At ...

Parents Demand More Rights in Education, More Options for Children

The News: The Senate Committee on Education is holding a public hearing on a series of important K-12 education reform bills, including a parent bill of ...

Education Reform Opponents Rely on Myths to Oppose School Choice

Libby Sobic and Will Flanders As education reform gains momentum across the nation, particularly in Wisconsin, opponents of reform appear to be getting ...

Rep. Snodgrass Out of Touch with Families on Education Reform

By:  Will Flanders & Libby Sobic Yesterday, State Representative Lee Snodgrass created a firestorm with her Tweet, “If parents who want to have a ...

Wisconsin School Closures Hurt Districts With Many Low-Income, African American Students

Study finds academic performance drops in math and English for schools that started 2020-21 school year closed. The News: A new study from the Wisconsin ...

School Finance Reform Is Integral to School Choice Progress in Wisconsin

By: Will Flanders, Research Director As we come to the close of National School Choice Week, there are many things worthy of celebration.  Across the ...

Why A Successful Milwaukee High School Is Closing Their Doors

Will Flanders, Research Director HOPE Christian Schools, a private Christian school network in Milwaukee, announced their intent to close their high ...