Gausman v. LESB

 Case Name: Gausman v. LESB Type of Case: Economic Freedom Court: Circuit Court of Burnett County  Filed On: April 10, 2024 Current Status: WILL filed an a Petition for Judicial Review on behalf of the client. April, 2024 | WILL filed  a Petition for Judicial Review in Burnett County Circuit ...


WILL's lawsuit against the State Bar of Wisconsin for promoting discriminatory DEI practices including its “Diversity Clerkship Program,” which offers premier internship opportunities based primarily on race.

Clarke v. WEC

Overturning the current maps would be unprecedented, and would deny voters their rightful representation. WILL’s intervention will allow WI voters to defend their interests.

Dettloff v. Hand

WILL filed a lawsuit against the Town of Hayward for ignoring Wisconsin law, and refusing to notice and hold a special town meeting rightfully and legally requested by residents of the town.