Open Case

Gausman v. LESB

 Case Name: Gausman v. LESB Type of Case: Economic Freedom Court: Circuit Court of Burnett County  Filed On: April 10, 2024 Current Status: WILL filed an a Petition for Judicial Review on behalf of the client. April, 2024 | WILL filed  a Petition for Judicial Review in Burnett County Circuit ...

Kaul v Urmanski

WILL and the Thomas More Society, on behalf of Wisconsin Right to Life, Wisconsin Family Action, and Pro-Life Wisconsin, have filed a response to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul’s “bypass petition” seeking to create a constitutional right to an abortion in Wisconsin, by adding a new claim to his lawsuit that was not previously raised.

Clarke v. WEC

Overturning the current maps would be unprecedented, and would deny voters their rightful representation. WILL’s intervention will allow WI voters to defend their interests.

MAMCO, Bagshaw Trucking Inc. vs. U.S. DOT Et Al.

WILL filed a federal lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s “disadvantaged business enterprise” (DBE) program, alleging illegal discrimination. The federal DBE program is the largest, and perhaps oldest, affirmative action program in U.S. history. It is administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

IRG v. Godlewski

WILL and IRG demand that the Secretary of State, Sarah Godlewski, fulfill a records request that has been pending for almost six months relating to the unusual circumstances surrounding her appointment.