PSC Opens new docket in streetcar case

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The PSC has decided to open another investigation into the issue of whether the City of Milwaukee can pass a portion of its streetcar construction costs onto utilities and their ratepayers.  Faced with potential uncertainty about WILL client Brett Healy’s ability to maintain his petition as an individual ratepayer, numerous utilities filed their own petitions with the PSC:

  • Wisconsin Bell (A&T)
  • Time Warner Cable
  • TW Telecom
  • PAETEC Communications
  • McLeodUSA Telecommunications
  • Norlight Telecommunications

The PSC opened a single docket for all of these utilities, which may merge with Healy’s action in the future.

The PSC also narrowed the scope of a previous order requiring the utilities and the City to provide information about past utility relocation projects.  To avoid overwhelming the parties, the PSC is asking them to provide information about only the 25 largest projects during the past 5 years, focusing on those most similar to Milwaukee’s streetcar project where a municipality required a utility to relocate.

Additionally, the PSC indicated that if Healy could not bring 24 additional WE Energies ratepayers into his petition, the Commission would consider closing his docket, in which case he could seek to join the utilities’ docket as an intervenor.

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