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On April 8, President and General Rick Esenberg appeared on the Devil's Advocates radio show out of Madison, discussing our recent education report, the chief justice amendment, an other topics.  Listen to the podcast here.

Associate Counsel Tom Kamenick was interviewed for this Wisconsin Reporter article on WILL's success in striking down Kenosha teacher contracts negotiated in violation of Act 10.

On January 30, WILL President Rick Esenberg will be the keynote speaker at the investiture of Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke

CJ Szafir authored an op-ed in the Washington Times, "The war on school choice in Milwaukee."

Rick Esenberg, CJ Szafir, and Marty Lueken co-authored, "Kids in Crisis," a report on Milwaukee's underused schools. The findings appeared in a Wisconsin Reporter article.

Legal News & Case Updates

Judge Denies MATC and Union Motion to Dismiss Act 10 Case0

Written by Tom Kamenick - November 21, 2014

Challenge to contract negotiated after Act 10 may proceed

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WILL Sues to End Discrimination by Public Schools Against Children with Disabilities0

Written by Tom Kamenick - November 19, 2014

Wisconsin’s open enrollment program permits school districts to violate federal disability law

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Written by CJ Szafir - October 22, 2014

Asks court to grant injunction preventing prosecution of 501(c)(4) groups that “coordinate” with candidates

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Eau Claire TIFs Have People in a Tizzy0

Written by Tom Kamenick - October 14, 2014

Will Letter Puts Eau Claire City Council on Notice That Action on TIF #8 and TIF # 10 May Violate Wisconsin Law

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