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On March 27, Associate Counsel & Education Policy Director CJ Szafir addressed the Marquette University Law School Federalist Society, speaking on Wisconsin's School Choice programs.

President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg appeared on Vicki McKenna's WIBA show on February 25 to discuss the Wisconsin Supreme Court's voter ID oral arguments.

On February 18, Right Wisconsin published a column by Rick Esenberg questioning the legality of Milwaukee County's "living wage" ordinance.

On February 14, Rick Esenberg addressed the winter meeting of the National Association of State Election Directors on the topics of voter fraud and voter suppression.

On February 13, President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg appeared on Vicki McKenna's show to discuss our letter calling out the DPI and local districts for discriminating against disabled students in the open enrollment program

Legal News & Case Updates

WILL Stands up for First Amendment Rights1

Written by Tom Kamenick - November 11, 2013

Successfully defends preacher from Milwaukee citation

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WILL Files Open Meetings Complaint Against Kenosha School Board0

Written by CJ Szafir - November 07, 2013

Board gave public no notice prior to voting on illegal collective bargaining motion

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WILL and EAG Release Report on DPI's Adversarial Treatment of Voucher Schools0

Written by Tom Kamenick - October 31, 2013

Also addresses the constitutional authority of the Superintendent

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Written by CJ Szafir - October 30, 2013

Act 10 is still the law of the land; elections for union certification must go forward

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