WILL Warns Madison Mayor About Proposed Disclosure Ordinance

Posted June 04, 2013

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty yesterday sent this letter to Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and the members of the Madison Common Council.  The letter calls into question the legality of a Madison ordinance introduced by Mayor Soglin last month.  The proposed ordinance requires the disclosure of certain political contributions by the City’s contractors and, according to Mayor Soglin, is intended to discourage contributions to organizations with which he disagrees. 

As the letter points out, it is a bedrock principle of our democracy that government cannot play favorites among citizens, including public contractors, based on their political beliefs.  The ordinance proposed by Mayor Soglin is a blatant violation of our State and Federal Constitutions, an infirmity that WILL hopes the Common Council will consider before it acts on the Mayor’s proposal.

  • President-Brown County Taxpayers Association
    Richard Parins
    07.06.2013 12:29
    The proposed ordinance is in direct violation of the interested parties 1st Amendment Guaranty. What more need be said other than Mr. Soglin remains as willing to step over other's freedoms to insure his political gains. Little has changed from 1969
  • Mr.
    Craig Nickelbein
    13.06.2013 11:01
    I find his attitude incredulous, typical entitled liberal.
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